A great little find!

I’m in Burton on Trent visiting my parents. I’m 10 days off my last run due to excruciating pains in my legs / hips and in desperation I’ve googled physio / sports massage, and totally struck gold!

I parked up at PhysioForm for my massage and had a great consultation with Alison. I hadn’t realised that they were running specialists and the appointment was eye opening. The massage was pretty awesome too.  Alison suggested that shin splints were my problem and suggested I go to see ‘Phil’ to talk about gait analysis. Having already had this in Decathlon a week prior, I wasn’t totally convinced this was the answer.  But how wrong I was. Like Alison, Phil is a total professional, knew his stuff inside out and did a thorough analysis and find the perfect trainers for me. At £115 i was reluctant to part with the cash then and there but after much consideration, Im going back tomorrow and i’m buying those bad boys.

So if you live in or around Burton On Trent, I’d definitely recommend Running Form / Physio Form – I just can’t believe i chanced upon it so easily. Good one Google.






P.S  note to self. If you think you may be chancing on gait analysis, don’t forget your sports bra 😉





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