Taking a ‘Portu-pause’

I knew I was going to be away on holiday for the ‘week 2’ of my advanced half marathon training plan on Nike +. In my optimisitic moments I could see myself legging it up the coastal path, on my planned 10km round trip, a family holiday not getting in the way of my training.

Cue reality. Even though my trainers and sports bra were proudly packed into my pre-holiday mode suitcase, even when boarding at Manchester Airport, I did think that the optimism would be short lived. Realism was served with my first glass of inflight Rose.

As working parents,  we don’t get a lot of opportunity to spend long days and nights with the kids. Portugal was our first family holiday, just the four of us, for years. The girls are older, our eldest was 10 on holiday and the youngest is now 8. We had the easiest holiday we’ve ever had which meant lazy days, longer nights and lie ins. It was very easy to forget my pre-holiday determination and I decided to take a Portu-pause. Plus it was bloody hot. Any excuse.

My ORH (Other Running Half)  was a little more disciplined. His trainers came out twice on holiday. Once when we went on a walk and the other when he took himself out for a run. He came back red faced, sweating and with tales of managing only a short distance, he’d also had the misfortune to swallow a fly. Now i don’t know whether it was the run or the fly, but he was ill for the rest of the holiday. I took this as a #winning moment and decided that a Portu-pause had been the best idea!

We returned to torrential rain and flooding late Friday night, so I treated myself to a cheeky Pastel de Nata for breakfast on Saturday, to mark the end of my Portu-pause and ventured out in a storm for a run in the afternoon. I only did 3.3 miles, but I’d almost NEVER been out in the rain before, but after using the hot weather as an excuse the week before, I felt that I had no choice!




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