Marathon in May

It has just occured to me on my night of blog, blog blogging, that I’ve never actually talked about what started me on this journey. How I went from someone who sporadically dusts off their trainers, to someone who finds it much easier to get off their arse and go for a run.

I’ve always questioned the extent of my competitiveness. On one hand I’d say I’m not that competitive. I like to do well, but I like watching others do well too. The success of others, however, really spurs me on. Is that competitive?

In April, my gorgeous sister-in-law started doing the couch to 5k. I’ve willed her on spurred her on to complete it and she started to really enjoy it.  So much so that she found a challenge she was going to complete and posted it on Facebook. It was the British Heart Foundation’s Marathon in May.  I thought, ‘what a great idea’ and it occured to me that if I had a month long challenge, it would get me runnning. I asked if she’d mind if we did it together and we roped in another friend.

My training started in earnest and by the end of April, I’d managed to get some longer runs under my belt. I was again encouraged by my friend, who posted a run longer than 10km! At the time I had only ever aimed for  10km run as a peak of training. I’d never thought about pushing it further than that. I don’t know whether you’d call it a competitive streak (I know, it totally does sound like that), but it made me run further.  I thought, ‘if she can do it, so can i’ and I did. I can imagine she was a bit irritated by it, as I may have been too. But I credit her with pushing me further.

So by the time May came around, I went for it. I’d finished my 26.2 miles by around the 11th May. By the end of May I had racked up 90 miles over 16 runs.  And was soon looking for next challenge.  My friend and my sister-in-law – they totally nailed it too.




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