Cut short / caught short

OMG…just when i was doing really well, gathering speed, going in for longer runs…i get hit by the need to poo about 2.5miles in to EVERY run.

Each time i weigh up the options

  1. Do a Paula. NO! I could NEVER do this…but what are the other choices?
  2. Schedule in a regular stop at the leisure centre on each run. No, that’s a cheat and I will never tally up any decent mileage.
  3. Head back home with a pained expression and even stop running before I reach home as the urge is too much to bare!


So far, I’ve opted for 3 – each time pretty gutted as I had so much more in the tank. So i’ve decided that I’ve got to take option 4 much more seriously.  Food.  When i started this journey I was all over it. Clean, healthy eating, calorie counting and seeing some really good results. The week the poops kicked in was a week of BBQs, picnics and copious amounts of BREAD.  So i’ve decided it’s diet related. I’m back from my Portu-pause, back on the clean / healthy eating and hopefully my poop problem will sort itself out sooner rather than later!


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