Advanced a little ambitious?

Just three weeks ago I embarked on Nike + Advanced Half Marathon coaching. I was bouyant about my BHF Marathon in May success and when I looked at the other two options of Beginner and Intermediate, they felt that I wasn’t pushing myself enough. Advanced it must be.

Week one I nailed it. I did my first ever 8 mile run. I did it slow, but not that slow, and I finished it. Week two was not so simple. The kids were off school, we had planned an Alton Towers trip, normal routine was all to cock. I ran into trouble keeping up with my planned schedule and failed to complete the week. I flew to Portugal on the Friday with my Advanced training in tatters. See my Portu-pause blog for what happened next…

So today I quit the advanced programme – the thought of an 8mile run this Saturday after a week off totally scared me. Even the intermediate programme felt too much to comtemplate. So here I am again, a beginner at the beginning. Let’s see how this goes…




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