The -‘s of Nike+

I LOVE Nike+ I’ve been loyal to it for the past 305 runs /  4 years and it shows a chequered past of slow runs, short runs, successful running phases and some lovely little badges that occassionally I try to beat.

However, this week it has managed to ‘plus’ me off twice.

#1 Apple Watch

I love my new watch, even though foolishly I thought it would replace my phone when running (it doesn’t by the way  – you still need your phone). I was chuffed to see there was a Nike+ app for the watch and looked forward to controlling the app through my watch. It is a nice little app – however, the downsides… despite being able to start the run on the watch, it fails to pick up on your settings. So i’ve had a few stumbling false starts. It also doesn’t work when you are in ‘coach’mode, which of course I am….

#2 Coach Mode

I set off on my ‘advanced half marathon’ week 1/12 in earnest. I ran (not through the coaching app) and it recorded the first run. However it didn’t for the second. So now I’ve cracked it, you have to start the run through the coach. Fine. However, now my first week looks like i’ve fallen at the first hurdle and I’m finding that quite irritating. Apparently there’s no fix. But lesson learnt.

So despite Nike+ telling a different story, this week I have completed my 3miles, 2 x 5miles (1 x fartlek) 1 strength training session and have a 4 and 8mile left to do – now the latter I am dreading…


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