Day 1 of many…not just my legs that are running

Today was day 1 of my ‘advanced’ half marathon plan on #nikeplus. I figured go hard or go home. And how hard can it actually be?

With a 3m run ahead of me, I struggled through the first km and then finished in half decent time for a plodder. 32.30min for 3.39miles. I wonder if this will ever sound slow to me when I look back on this. Hard to imagine.

Thoughts I was pondering on mid run…

#1 Why does my nose run when I run? 

Does this happen to everyone? If I ever get the mileage up will I have a stream of kitchen roll spilling behind me?

#1a is there anything better than kitchen roll? 

I just don’t get the whole spitting out, snorting out thing. On the times when I’ve given it a whirl, it just gets caught up in the wind and flies back all over me. So, without my trusty ‘Plenty’ what do I do??

#2 I’m due on and have eaten like a pig all day – does time of the month affect performance!?

I suppose i’m going to have to Google this one, and not sure how much it will benefit me knowing the answer…maybe I’ll look into this one next month (if I’m still going and still as keen on blogging my progress).




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